Present simple

The present simple is usually used to talk about habits and routines, but it's also used for many other reasons.
Its form is:
S (I/You/He etc.) + infinitive 
So, what are some of the ways we use it?


1). To talk about routines or habits. Often present simple comes with time expressions: often, always, sometimes, every day, daily, every etc:
I play football every Thursday
I go swimming every day
I eat McDonald's often
“I don’t go to the gym often”


2).We use it to  give instructions

Put your washing away”
Listen to me” 
"Turn left at the next block”
Use the Alan key


3). To express facts
The Earth is round
Water boils at 100°


4). To express a state or a feeling in the moment
I feel cold
I’m sad
Are you okay?
She loves my phone
This pen belongs to me


5). To describe actions as they happen or to say a running commentary
Federer hits a return over the net
Rooney places the ball in the corner and runs to the fans
McGregor punches him in the mouth then dances in front of him


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