Why did you decide to teach ESL?

There are hundreds of reasons for deciding to take the plunge and TEFL.

Were you dreading the 9-5? Did that annoying co-worker, demanding boss and the dull routine of sifting paper become too much?

Maybe you just wanted to see the world, and a friend pointed you towards TEFL as a means to travel and save money.

Or maybe your girlfriend dumped you (ouch) and travel was the only remedy.

Maybe it was as simple as you love kids or teaching. Or as daunting as realising your 30's were fast approaching, and that real responsibility would halt anything enjoyable.

Whatever your story, we, as teachers or trainees, all have a responsibility to give our students the best possible teaching.

That's why TEFL Guru exists. We want to make it easy for you to do a great job.

We want to give you the most up to date information on the latest tried and true TEFL methodology, so you can implement it into your lessons and see your students transform into better English speakers.

Our blog will be updated with what's most current in the TEFL world. Some of the posts will focus exclusively on passing TEFL accreditations or the CELTA, too.

We've also added, and are adding, quizzes to the end of each section of our grammar pages, so make sure to test yourself out and transform yourself into a Guru (yes, very cliche).

There'll also be tonnes of resources added to our materials section- lots of worksheets, board games and PowerPoints in particular. As we can't add everything, though, we'd love for you to upload your materials here. That way they can be shared with the rest of the community.

You can easily tell us to change something by sending us an email or using the contact form at the bottom of each page. We'd also love to hear your feedback, good or bad, or answer your questions on anything TEFL related (sorry but we can't fix your relationship problems or your desperation to impress your parents). Even if you're stressed out about the CELTA or your lesson you've got in 10 minutes, tell us about the problem and we'll do our best to help you.

Anyway, all in all, we hope you enjoy your visit here and find what we provide is useful.


Guru Team

P.S: Do chat to us if you've got a spare moment - we'd love to hear what you want to see.